Jackalope Found In The Keys!

Jackalope found & mounted in the Keys! I found this rare & vicious animal proudly on display at the Green Parrot Bar on 601 Whitehead Street here in Key West. Captured on Big Pine Key on April 28th 1962, 14 lbs. 4 oz. in weight setting a new Keys record!

OK, all that’s bull crap! Below is the truth on the so-called jackalope. The jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore (a so-called “fearsome critter”) described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns or deer antlers and sometimes a pheasant’s tail (and often hind legs). The word jackalope is a portmanteau of “jackrabbit” and “antelope”. It’s possible that the tales of jackalopes were inspired by sightings of rabbits infected with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes the growth of horn- and antler-like tumors in various places on the rabbit’s head and body. Yuk!

Anyways, though un-real, it’s a good gag type thing to show your friends upon returning from your Key West vacation!

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