Golden Orb Spider Trail

IMG_0897YES, you read it right, a SPIDER TRAIL! This trail is named for the Golden Orb Weaver Spider which is commonly seen on your walk.

This 1-hour walk is about much more than its namesake spider and will take you through several plant communities found in the Florida Keys. After crossing the mangrove creek, the trail follows the sandy berm above the narrow beach. Salt tolerant plants in the low area, which periodically floods, give way on high ground to tropical hammocks.

Since finding this trail on the tail end of our day, we chose to walk the first 15-minutes or so and then head back due to time constraints. You on the other hand can plan ahead and enjoy the entire trail which includes: crab holes, bridges, and a well-marked path with information plaques along the way. (seen below)

You can find this relaxing 1-hour Golden Orb Spider Trail inside the Long Key State Park at Mile Marker 67.7 oceanside. There’s a fee schedule per car load to enter the park, approx. $4.5o for one and $6 for two people.

IMG_0902  IMG_0898 IMG_0900

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