Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Rope

Yes, Valentine’s Day was yesterday, but it’s never too late for love! I’m giving you this tip so that you can squeeze it into your plans and be the hero on whatever day of the year it may be.

Here’s a heart for your sweetheart that I assure you she’ll never forget! This heart-shaped rope was found as I was driving down to Key West and noticed a large anchor leaning against the side of a Lodge partially obscured by vegetation at the edge of the road. As always, I turned around returning to the driveway and pulling in snapping the photo below. Looking in the distance toward the ocean I noticed some awesome scenery and wandered for a closer look. Wow was I impressed with the view… look below and you’ll see the two I’ve chosen to post in this blog that speaks volumes on their own. The hammock is simply a picture of pleasurable relaxation… “Garson, please bring me another Piña Colada!” 🙂 (ok, so I was daydreaming there) The other shows their dock/beach/picnic area all in one whose view rivals the best I’ve seen as you can clearly see for yourself below in the photo.

It was only when I turned around walking back to the parking lot did I see the heart-shaped rope against a fence on the backside of the office facing the ocean. What a neat, cool & unbelievable totally by accident find this was. As you can see, this would fit in well with anyones Valentine’s week plans and cap off an unforgettable visit with a photo of your sweetheart standing next to it for a memory that will last forever!

You can find this heart-shaped rope at the Lookout Lodge on US-1 at Mile Marker 87.9 bayside.


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