Overpass Park

IMG_1421Though officially having no name and officially not a park, this roadside scenic view pullover is well worth both.

I’ve seen others pulled off on the side of the road fishing by lawn chairs and wondered what was down there. So finally I stopped to check it out and WOW was I impressed with the cleanliness and pristine view. As seen below, there’s a wrap around walkway/fishing area going underneath the overpass making it possible to fish in both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Of Mexico at the same time. By the way, the view between the two bridges is spectacular and makes an interesting photo.

You know what, it’s about time this location gets a name. I, Mr. 365 Days, officially christen this ‘Overpass Park’! With that said, be the first to spread your picnic blanket in the newly named park. Oh yeah, along with naming the park, I too took the liberty at setting the price for enjoying it at the low, low price of… FREE!

You can find the new ‘Overpass Park’ at Mile Marker 6.0 on US-1 bayside just north of the Key West city limits.

IMG_1415     IMG_1416

IMG_1417     IMG_1419

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