NFL Has Been

NFL Has Been

As promised from yesterday, here’s a recent blog that I’m re-posting because of the Super Bowl!

I’ve passed this sign for years catching my eye having always wanting to stop in to ask about the NFL Has Been portion of the Ocean View Inn & Pub sign. Finally over 5 years ago year curiosity got the best of me as I just so happen to have extra time on my trip down to the Keys so I finally stopped in for a visit.

This is in fact owned by a former NFL player… and not just any former player either. Gary Dunn was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1976 following a stellar career at the University of Miami. Gary was a mainstay on the vaunted Steelers’ defense for 12 seasons, serving as team captain four years. The two-time Super Bowl champion is ranked ninth in the Steelers’ all-time sacks list.

Once inside this unsuspecting attraction you’re greeted with a big Florida Keys “Hello” from the bartender, look to your right where you’ll find his former jersey & photos of his glorious playing days. The ONLY bigger thrill is that one day I’ll get to meet this Steeler legend in person. I have personally stopped by 7 times since then trying to catch him there, I’ll keep trying! So Steeler great Gary Dunn if you’re out there reading this… I’m still waiting to meet you and get a photo!!!!! 🙂

This unexpected NFL pleasure can be found at Mile Marker 84.5 bayside on Highway US-1.

Gary Dunn #67 Pittsburgh Steelers


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2 responses to “NFL Has Been

  1. Tom

    Thanks for the info. I have been wondering about this for a long time as well and was just never in a position to stop in and have a drink or two to find out for myself. Next time I go I will have to have my designated driver finish the rest of the way to Key West!

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