Indian Key’s Open Grave

Here’s an AWESOME blast from the past prior blog that’s incredible & true! Enjoy

Yes, it’s 100% TRUE, there’s an open grave on Indian Key! This is not a tale of horror for one of those ‘Ghost Tours’ nor Halloween prank… it’s REAL!

A former resident of the island Jacob Housman was in fact buried here in May of 1841 after being crushed between the hull of two ships. An inscription on the marble stone marker reads: ‘To his friends he was sincere, to his enemies he was kind’. The grave was later vandalized and the whereabouts of the body is unknown.

History Bonus: Did you know that the words ‘Vandalism’ & ‘Vandalized’ came from early European history? An East Germanic Tribe (Barbarian horde) called the ‘Vandals’ sacked and pillaged Rome in 455 AD along with hundreds of other villages, towns, & cities over their rein in Europe earning them the dubious honor of being associated with senseless destruction of property known today as ‘Vandalism’. There, and now you too know the rest of the story! 🙂

You can find a tour boat company to take you to Indian Key State Park for $20-$30 per person at Robbie’s Marina Mile Marker 77.5 on US-1 bayside. I again want to thank my friend Scott (ex-Indian Key tour guide seen here) for an awesome one-on-one tour of the island.

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