Key West’s Cuban Mission Historical Site

8342433641_94de2431b0_bOK, historical site is REALLY pushing it to the max! I’m going to bet that 99.9% of Key West residents have NO IDEA that this is even located here and even fewer would know where to find it! In fact, this is one of the hardest sites to find that I’ve ever written about. I said one of the hardest, the hardest being the ‘Roadside Grave’ I wrote about years ago that’s located only 5 feet away from this! 🙂

Wanna find the site of the first Cuban Mission in Key West? Good luck finding it without my help! Sad but true, the site is now relegated to the base of a single tree with a broken marble stone on the side of a building where NO ONE would ever look.

You can find this ‘First Cuban Mission’ marker on the corner of Eaton & Simonton Streets. Once at the corner go to the west side of the building on Simonton Street then venture off the sidewalk up towards the building and there you’ll find it at the base of tree’s cement ring.

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