Walk From Gulf Of Mexico to Atlantic Ocean in 25-Minutes!

4489021889_3dacf10244_bHave you ever wondered how long it takes to walk from the Gulf Of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean? Even if you haven’t, I have! It of course depends from which city you begin your journey. Here in Key West on it’s most famous street Duval, that is in fact possible.

Never in my life have I walked the ENTIRE length of Duval Street without stopping to see how long it would take… that is until now! It’s TRUE, I walked from the Gulf Of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean non-stop just for you our readers! World-Famous Duval Street is 1.2 miles long from coast to coast. Yes, there’s stop signs and stop lights along the way that impede your continues forward progress. Without running or stopping to window shop, an average person can walk from sea to shining sea in approximately 25 minutes. This is a feat for bragging rights, to tell others “I walked coast-to-coast!” 🙂

During your walk down Duval Street you’ll be at ground zero for Key West’s most famous bar “Sloppy Joe’s” which is also known as the hangout of Ernest Hemingway. Along your trek you’ll pass by the Butterfly Conservatory,  Water Cistern, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Hog’s Breath Saloon, Hard Rock Café, Smallest Bar in Key West, Red Barn Theatre, The Bull, Key Lime Square, La Concha Hotel, Ghost Tours, Oldest Home, Episcopal Church, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, Cowboy Bill’s, Strand Theatre, Heartbreak Hotel (yes, it’s on Lonely Street), Southern Cross Hotel, Southernmost Hotel, Southernmost Beach, Southernmost Home in the USA and so much more! (some seen below)

Now I’m wondering how long it takes to ride a bike? 🙂 (TO BE CONTINUED)

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