Front Yard Mini Golf

Does your front yard have a putting green? I’m sad to report that this is actually TRUE! 🙂 Wow, if this makes your putter flutter then this blogs for you! I wonder if Tiger Woods has one of these?

This 4-hole front yard Mini Golf sits on a main road for all to see. I’ve included the corner potion of the yellow & white painted street lines in the bottom left to prove how close this is to the road and oncoming traffic. So quit putting around 🙂 , now you can be the first in your neighborhood to do the same being the envy of all of your friends!

You can find this Astroturf putt-putt plot on Little Torch Key by turning right at approximately Mile Marker 28.3 bayside off US-1 at Barry Avenue and going about 1/2 mile or so on the right. I promise you can’t miss it!


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2 responses to “Front Yard Mini Golf

  1. LoriB

    I believe it may be on the grounds of Parmer’s Resort.

    • Hello LoriB, First of all thank you for commenting on the photo & blog! I too think it might be but didn’t have time to confirm or even inquire. Once I took the photo of this putt-putt green I drove down 200′ or so and took a photo of the Parmer’s Resort ‘Big Chair’ and their ‘Harley Davidson Gas Tank Mailbox’ both of which are future blogs. Thanks again for reading the blog. I hope you find them both informative and sometimes humorous spin on the Florida Keys attractions.
      Mr. 365 Days

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