Got Bocce Ball? Key West Does!

IMG_0381I bet you’ve been wondering where the United States Southernmost Bocce Ball Courts were? Me too, I’ve wondered for years! :-) Wonder no more mi amigos, I’ve found them for you!

OK, being honest, I’d never heard of Bocce Ball before Key West and would venture to say that most of you hadn’t either. We stumbled upon these courts while riding bikes around the island and stopped by. Appearing to layman’s eyes as outdoor bowling lanes, it’s really a strategic game. I approached a couple leisurely playing asking them “What the H#@% kind of game is this?” :-) “Bocce Ball” he said, which meant absolutely nothing to me! Watch out Summer Olympics, if the Winter Olympics can have Curling as a real sport then Bocce Ball has got a great chance in 2020 at Tokyo, Japan. :-)

Yes, there’s actually a Key West Bocce Ball League that plays most of their games here. Don’t ask me to explain the game rules or strategy, even after watching for a while I couldn’t even try! My wife and I tried it out using our own rules and yes she beat me… I’m not stupid! :-)

You can find these hidden in plain sight Bocce Ball courts at the corner of White Street & Atlantic Boulevard in Key West. I’ll make it easier, it’s across the street from the biggest, most famous pier in Key West, the White Street Pier.

IMG_0385     IMG_0382

IMG_0383     IMG_0384

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