Take A Walk Around An Old Quarry

IMG_0118Here’s something that you’d never think of finding in the Florida Keys! What a great inexpensive detour this turned out to be! How many of us can ever say “I’ve walked around a closed rock quarry”. We can, and now you can too!

The sites here were way too cool while the temperature was way too hot… and I mean HOT, HOT, HOT! I bet it was the hottest day of the year last summer and we chose to take a walking tour at 1 pm with the sun beating down on us from above. There’s at least three color-coded walking paths including this one seen here. The other two will have to wait for a cooler day! I literally had to change shirts once back at the car.

As an extra bonus, there’s old equipment positioned around the quarry (seen below) that were actually used in the facilities processing of its stones and slabs.

You can find the ‘Closed Quarry’ at Mile Marker 84.9 bayside now called the Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park. The indoor air-conditioned exhibits and teaser view of the quarry are 100% FREE, the self-guided tours themselves cost only $2 or $3 a person.

IMG_0135     IMG_0114     IMG_0120

IMG_0121     IMG_0123     IMG_0124

IMG_0127     IMG_0133

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