Greatest Pirate To Ever Live ‘Blackbeard’

7169806568_7b542641bd_bOK, you’re probably saying “What does the street sign ‘Teach’ have to do with the Pirate Blackbeard? Believe it or not, that was his last name. Now you’re saying “OK, it could be short for teacher or just the word teach!” Very true, but, it’s surrounded by an “A” list of other famous Pirate street signs in every direction. That’s how I know! 🙂

During the Golden Age of Pirates in the late 1600′s and the early 1700′s lived Blackbeard the most famous pirate in history (besides Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow). :-) His real name was Edward Teach (also listed as Thatch) and stood an intimidating 6’4″ while wearing a crimson colored coat covered in swords, daggers & guns. Oh yeah, to scare the pants off others he lit cannon fuses sticking them under his hat during raids portraying himself as a smoke-looming ghostly terror! His flagship was the Queen Anne’s Revenge (a captured French vessel “Concord”) which he rearmed with 40 cannons.

He pirated for only 1-1/2 years from early 1717 to late 1718 and looted a sum of 16-20 ships in his career basing his operation out of Nassau’s New Providence Island in the Bahamas. His posse at its height included 4 ships and 300-400 pirates. In a scheme to keep most of his booty (treasure) for himself, they headed for Top Sail Inlet, NC where he scuttled Queen Ann’s Revenge leaving most of his men stranded on a sand bar to die. He then transferred the gold to the Sloop “Adventure” and headed to Ocracoke Island, NC. It’s here at Ocracoke Inlet when sailing out to confront two British Man-Of-Wars (ships) where he met his demise being tracked down then beheaded by Lieutenant Robert Maynard on November 22, 1718.

You can find this historical reference to the greatest Pirate Edward Teach (Blackbeard) by going to Mile Marker 23.o oceanside and turn onto Spanish Main Drive continuing down on your right where you’ll see Teach Lane.


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2 responses to “Greatest Pirate To Ever Live ‘Blackbeard’

  1. Caitlyn

    I grew up listening to my dad tell me stories about Blackbeard. We would vacation on Ocracoke (ironic, going from one small island to an even small more secluded island). Now I live in Hampton, VA (thank you US Navy) where they brought Blackbeard’s head back to. Kind of full circle?

  2. How cool is that, I bet you’ve got some great stories! I’ve passed by both many times during my stint in NC but never actually made it to Ocracoke or Top Sail… YET! 🙂

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