Key West’s Most Beautiful Railing House

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the most beautiful example of a stained & varnished oak stair hand railing home in the entire city of Key West. I stood in wonder and amazement as I looked upon such expensive use of a high quality product such as oak hand railing used outside in the harsh elements as intense heat and rainy weather in Key West. Front porch, back porch, first floor, second floor & stairs… everywhere you look is beauty to your eyes.

These handrails, spindles (called balusters) & posts (called newels) are made for indoors and yet I’ve never seen such a beautiful eye-catching example of exterior use in such awesome display of spectacular splendor. If you’re wondering how the car seen here in the carport gets out… well, the complete railing assembly raises up on a pulley above the height of the car and then lowers once out of the carport. I’ve seen it in action, way too cool!!!!

You can find the wooden wonder of oak stair railings at the corner of Whitehead Street & Caroline Street in Key West. It sits exactly across the street from Top Gun’s Kelly McGillis’ Restaurant and the Historic Pan American Airlines former headquarters.


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