This Blog Is Straight Up Old School :-)

IMG_1620Now that I’ve given my best attempt at being hip and current on today’s lingo by using the above title, even though I probably failed, here’s today’s blog! 🙂

After years of zipping around town running errands, sightseeing and joy riding I suddenly saw a historical sign that I’d never seen. I asked myself “How did I miss it after all of these years?” Now I know!

After years of debate, testimony, paperwork, research and a list of “I promise It’s ALL TRUE!” statements about the school’s 1860 history, the city of Key West finally approved a new historical landmark sign. Remember, the Florida public school system wasn’t organized until the 1870’s to prove any of it. With that said, here’s Key West’s newest historical landmark ‘The Oldest Schoolhouse’ also known as the Patterson-Baldwin House.

The Bahamian architecture home was built in 1847 and is one of the oldest surviving structures in Key West. The school bell hanging above the second story porch is a clue to the house’s original use. It was moved to this location after the devastating hurricane of 1846 by once Mayor Alexander Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. William Pinkney rented the small two-room house from the mayor where his sister, Madame Passaloque, began conducting classes in the island’s first schoolhouse until 1860.

You can find Key West’s Oldest Schoolhouse at the corner of Duval Street & Eaton Street.


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