Steam Ship Shaped Home

IMG_1502WOW, what a find! I travel into every subdivision I see going down each and every road to the end turning around and then heading down the next expecting nothing. Today was the day I hit the jackpot!

Nestled at the very end of this oceanfront road was a sight that stopped me in my tracks. My eyes widened and jaw dropped at the amazing sight that stood in front of me. I put my car in park and grabbed my camera snapping a series of photos choosing this for your viewing pleasure.

This is an astounding red & white-painted personal home in the shape of an old-style steam ship complete with porthole windows and it own lighthouse. Nothing less than awe-inspiring! Way too cool! Oh yeah, building a home like this they expect people to stop, look and take photos of them.

You can find this ‘Steam Ship Lighthouse Shaped Home’ at Mile Marker 53.3 on US-1 oceanside turning onto 122nd Street (aka Yacht Harbor Drive) and simply driving to the very end. Prepare to be in AWE!


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5 responses to “Steam Ship Shaped Home

  1. Laurie

    The water side is a boat house containing a huge catamaran. I have a photo of it, if you’d like I can send it to you if you email me.

  2. Laurie

    I need an email address to send to.

  3. Laurie

    Sent, along with a tip on a unique mailbox.

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