Surfboard Tables & Cushioned Swivel Boat Seat Stools… Yeah Baby!

IMG_1655Does your local coffee shop have surfboard tables and cushioned swivel boat seat stools? This place does! Too cool.

A quaint island style stand alone tiny building plus location, location, location! Believe it or not, location isn’t even their BEST asset… (it’s not coffee either) 🙂 it’s their unique bar stools, tables & view! That’s right my friends, I said bar stools at a coffee shop. The stools are located outside behind the coffee shop on a canal leading to the Atlantic Ocean. The stools themselves are cushioned swivel boat seats mounted in front of a surfboard shaped table overlooking the water. (pictured below) Wow, these people got it right… and so typical Florida Keys too!

You can find this relaxed state-of-mind table, bar stools & view on the premises of Curly’s Coffee Company at Mile Marker 53.0 oceanside. On US-1 turn onto 116th Street and it’s there on your left!

IMG_1654     IMG_1656

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