Hideout Restaurant

IMG_4293True to it’s name, the ‘Hideout’ Restaurant is hidden so well that only a portion of its name is visible! This out-of-the-way local hangout is a little bit on the hard side for tourist to find. I my friends will help cure that problem at NO COST to you whatsoever!

A couple highlights while in the area are the sign on the left of the door that reads “Shit Creek Survivor” and the sign posted on the patio deck the reads “Guns ARE allowed on premises” (100% TRUE) Yikes! Within feet in either direction are the famous floating hotels called ‘Boatels’ and the world-famous ‘Jules’ Undersea Lodge’ which is one of the worlds few underwater hotels! Cool 🙂

You can find the ‘Hideout’ at the end of Transylvania Avenue’s big curve in Key Largo at Mile Marker 103.3 oceanside. This group of attractions is well worth your time, all of which are FREE to walk around and see.

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