This Bar Advertises ‘Inside Toilets’

4462918178_1a90d98931_o2Welcome to the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ which in fact is your ‘First Chance Saloon’ to visit in the Florida Keys southbound.

I’ve passed this bar 1,000’s of times never stopping once till taking these photos… now I know why! :-) This bar actually advertises that it has ‘Inside Toilets’… I’m so glad, those outhouses were hell! :-) You’ve also got to admire a saloon whose motto is ‘Get A Life’ written upon a rather large size plaque hanging on their main wall for all to see. Don’t miss their pirate themed sign when entering the building on the left side of the entrance that says ‘Park At Own Risk’… I’d call that a fair warning! :-) Oh yeah, they also advertise ‘Friendly People Only’!

You can find this uniquely advertised ‘Last Chance Saloon’ at the southern end of Florida City at Mile Marker 126.7 which is the unmarked unofficial official beginning to the Florida Keys. If you’re headed towards Key West, this is the beginning of what is commonly called “The 18 Mile Stretch” of Hwy US-1.

IMG_9658     IMG_9661     11115917775_d1c885cded_o

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