Cistern Park

Welcome to one of Key West’s un-named rarely visited parks. This prime real estate is located in the most sought after and expensive community in Key West. This area of town is known as the Truman Annex, a gated community by design that allows free access to its million dollar homes, waterfront, Civil War Fort, & Harry Truman’s Presidential Home among others.

This park sits on a corner lot to the right of what is known as the ‘Presidential Gates’ previously blogged. Since it has no posted name and that it backs up to the Navy’s old large white water cistern seen here… I christen the “Cistern Park”! I’ve known of the park for years and yet had never wandered into it though walked and ridden our bikes by it a hundred times. I think it’s time I plan a picnic and take advantage of its prime people watching location and enjoy its surroundings. Seen below is the one and only entrance to the park as you pass through the gates on your right. Enjoy a piece of Key West that 99.999999999% of others NEVER see!

You can find this newly named ‘Cistern Park’ at the intersection of Whitehead Street & Caroline Street directly across from all three of these: Key West’s Most Beautiful Railing House, Pan American Airlines Original Headquarters & Kelly McGillis’ Restaurant here in the ‘Fun In The Sun Capital of Florida’ Key West!

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  1. Ken J

    So, is there water in it??

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