Biking The Florida Keys

IMG_9547If you like biking as much as we do, then here’s a gift from the Florida Keys just for you! There’s an incredible 128 AWESOME miles of gorgeous views, unforgettable sights, unique attractions, beautiful oceanfront homes and crashing waves on both sides of the road from the beginning of the Florida Keys to the southernmost U.S. paradise of Key West.

Several months ago we stayed midway in the Keys for a weekend getting a hotel and doing nothing but biking the paths north and then south. What a great time that was experiencing the views, solitude, weather, & wild animals.

As you can see by the photos below, there are dedicated paths solely for the use of bikes with others having to share the road in well-marked bike lanes on the shoulders. There’s also picnic tables throughout for a well deserved snack or picnic while other places offer bike only bridges as you cross over the Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico. ‘YES’, it’s all FREE! 🙂

IMG_9593     IMG_9546    IMG_9548

IMG_9549    IMG_9587

IMG_9588     IMG_9550

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