99% Of Tourist NEVER See This Sign Or Buoy!

12760828804_09da441e85_oThis is SO RARE that I’ve seen it ONLY ONCE in my entire life! Do you happen to know where it is? (before reading the blog that is) 🙂

Though it says ‘Welcome To Key West’, you can’t pose beside it for your vacation photo album. ONLY several hundred people at day see this at all! In fact, these may be the ONLY 7 tourists to have EVER stood beside it… and they’ve been there for years! 🙂 These dedicated greeters are frozen in time in the sweltering Florida heat year round.

You can find this rarely seen ‘Welcome To Key West’ sign and Southernmost Buoy atop the first floor roof ONLY while you are getting on or off a plane at the Key West International Airport (the runway side of the airport above the doors). That my friends is a crying shame and needs to be changed!!!!!


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2 responses to “99% Of Tourist NEVER See This Sign Or Buoy!

  1. Caitlyn

    I’ve seen it the few times I’ve flown home to the Keys. The “new” Publix in KW has a pretty fancy SMP Buoy in the deli section.

    • Thank you Caitlyn, In all my years I’ve flown in to Key West only 1 time! It’s a real shame that it can’t be seen from a fenced in pedestrian side walk. I’ll have to check the Publix deli now that you’ve given me the tip. There’s a good chance that I’ll be down within the next two weekend so be looking for the Publix Deli blog that I’ll give you credit for! 🙂 Thanks as always, Mr. 365 Days

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