Majestic Hand-Carved Seahorse Doors

IMG_0833Talk about unique, take a look at this gourmet restaurant’s entrance doors! Yes, they’re two matching elegantly carved exquisitely painted majestic seahorses.

What an incredible photograph it use to make… yes, I said use to. In the past, the doors were in full-view for all to see with no obstruction causing the unsightly glare now when attempting to photograph it head-on or during direct sunlight hours. As you can see, the doors have been covered with plexiglass to preserve the hand-carved (ok, hand crafted) 🙂 masterpieces. Believe me, either way it’s still an awesome FREE sight worth your time seeking out for that almost great vacation photo with a little bit of glare. 😦

You can find the ‘Majestic Hand-Carved Seahorse Doors’ on the corner of Simonton Street & Truman Avenue just two blocks northeast of the World-Famous Duval Street. Oh yeah, the name of the restaurant, are you ready for this… “Better Than Sex!” :-)

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