Adult ONLY Shark Mouth Photo-Op!

13942283_1347649601916597_1325730527_n 13957567_1347649618583262_1707040759_nI’ve found another shark mouth photo-op! There’s plenty of these in the Keys with this being one of the newest.

It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do for a single FREE beer. With camera in hand I got the man to pose for me with GREAT CARE as we snapped these two blog photos.

Warning!!!!! This is NOT for children. These shark teeth are NOT plastic, fiberglass or made of a flexible rubber… OH NO my friend they are quite sharp and one wrong move can leave you needing a very large Band-Aid! So given this stern **Warning** I ask that you only stand beside it for your souvenir photo.

You can find the Key’s newest photo-op NON-TOY shark head on the grounds of Jules’ Undersea Lodge at Mile Marker 103.3 oceanside off US-1 on Transylvania Ave. all the down on the right in Key Largo.


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