Why Do These Painted Indians Have Long Hair?

6992288548_ab18342d13_bWhy do these Native American Coloosa Indians in this painting have their hair over the front of their shoulders?

Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! (that someone told me 2nd hand) ūüôā While photographing the Florida Key’s LARGEST MURAL I was approached by two different men asking me if I knew the story behind it. Here’s what they both said: At one time the paintings portrayed the female Caloosa Indians with¬†no tops on and their hair¬†over the back of their shoulders. As the story goes, a¬†lady (some say mistress) staying in the 2nd story apartment (pictured below) with full-view of the mural everyday was offended by the¬†bare-chested females. She then¬†gave the man an ultimatum of longer hair painted on or she’s gone! As you can see, longer hair won out!

You can find the incredible full-length mural painted on the northern side of the Caloosa Cove Marina at Mile Marker 73.8 on the Atlantic Ocean side of the road hidden behind a gas station.


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    I am glad you enjoy the mural, I repainted the females with hair flowing over their breasts instead of painting halter tops,

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