Swept Away Bridge

IMG_1492I LOVE THIS PLACE! I never know what I’ll find once parking my car and walking down a path. It only took about 2 minutes of walking before it began to get muddy along with hearing the unmistakable sound of a fast-moving current of water. Rounding the last curve my eyes widened with an incredible find. Wow, I was blown away, what a beautiful sight! An old partially swept away bridge with a newer abandoned gutted out boat made for an astounding photo.

I think at one time this was some sort of former sanctuary that connected the mainland to the offshore island. While here I saw two different couples, speaking to the first one who comes here often said the boat had only been here a few weeks. They also said watching the sunset from the bridge is spectacular for photographers. The second couple got in the water, up on the bridge and walked across disappearing onto the other sides island, which I’ll do next time here. What an awesome find, I love it here with all the great sounds and views. I can’t wait to bring my better half and show her! Oh yeah, your feet will get wet so bring an extra pair of shoes, sandals or be prepared to go barefoot.

You can find this hidden swept away bridge at Mile Marker 25.0 bayside, turn on Horace Street going down to Northside Drive, turn right going only .1 mile to Niles Road and turning left. Drive down 1.5 miles and park your car walking down the path on your right for approximately 3 or 4 minutes.

IMG_1493     IMG_1494     IMG_1495

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