Hitchhiking The Florida Keys

IMG_1374Millions of tourists flock to Key West every year arriving in planes, automobiles, boats and even a small minority by foot power!

Thinking about sticking a thumb out hitchhiking your way down the scenic Florida Keys through Monroe County? You may want to think again!

I’ve found an old faded sign half way into the woods that locals have probably NEVER read! I’ve driven by this a 1,000 times NEVER seeing it once! I’d bet a dime to a Dunkin’ Donut that 90% of the Police force has no clue that it’s there either! Now, whether or not it’s ever enforced I couldn’t tell you. Is it worth the $500 fine or 60 days in jail… NOT TO ME, that’s why I drive! 🙂

You can find this little seen ‘Hitchhiking’ sign at Mile Marker 91.7 on US-1 in the southbound lane of the divided highway in Monroe County.

IMG_1375     6139697993_2e7cdc53dd_b


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4 responses to “Hitchhiking The Florida Keys

  1. I have never hitchhiked in Florida, but I have done a lot of hitchhiking in Wyoming. The state of Wyoming passed a law in 2013 making it legal to hitchhike. I thought that was good news.

    • Hey Tim, Thanks for commenting Not sure if Keys Police enfore it or not, I’ve seen hitchhikers on the road… maybe they were just lucky in not getting caught. PS – I love Wyoming, we were there 2 years ago and visited Devils Tower… Awesome sight. We’ll be going to Wyoming agin this summer to Yellowstone, can’t wait! Thanks again, Mr. 365 Days

  2. Keith Paley

    when i hitchhiked along Marathon key in the 70s it was illegal and there was a sign stating how many hitchhikers had been murdered on that stretch of road. I recall sitting by the sign without raising my thumb waiting for a ride hoping i would not be the next victim

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