Marine Research Laboratory

When was the last time you went to an actively functioning Marine Research Laboratory? It’s now available for commoners like you I along with certified divers.

Although the original underwater laboratory is now a hotel it actually began its existence as La Chalupa research laboratory, an underwater habitat used to explore the continental shelf off the coast of Puerto Rico. The authenticity of the underwater habitat is what really sets it apart from other similar attractions. The mangrove lagoon in which its located is a natural nursery area for many reef fish. Tropical angelfish, parrotfish, barracuda, and snappers are frequent visitors to the habitat, while anemones, sponges, oysters and feather duster worms seem to cover every inch of this underwater world. You can explore the marine facility environment with scuba gear provided with an unlimited supply of tanks… for a fee of course. It’s not only the home of the WORLD’S FIRST underwater hotel, but is also the first underwater research lab to have ever been made accessible to the average person.

As you can see from the collection of photos, this has plenty of photo-ops for you and your family. The facility comes complete with a marine submersible, air chambers and a functioning command station that monitors its former laboratory on a 24-hour basis. No matter your choice of taking part in diving or not, this is well worth the FREE admission to walk around.

You can find this actively functioning Marine Research Laboratory on the grounds of Jules’ Undersea Lodge. Start at Mile Marker 103.3 oceanside turning onto Transylvania Ave to its right hand dead-end side. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind facility on your next trip down the Florida Keys.


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