Baby’s “Death By Coffee”

Do you crave coffee or its eye-opening aroma? Either way, I’ve got the coffee bean supreme pleasure palace for you! I personally love both by trying creative combos and couldn’t imagine getting my morning started without savoring the flavor of every tantalizing drop.

Baby’s Coffee Key West is an icon and God-given birthright to all residents of the Florida Keys. The aromatic aroma alone as you walk through the door is reason enough to pull into the parking lot! This is NOT a Starbucks with wireless internet and their own CD rack of piano & violin concertos… although there are a few tables to sit as you sip some morning joe or lathered latte grande.

Do your nose a favor (I did) and browse through row-after-row of bagged beans letting your nostrils take in each and every potent filled packet. Just as amusing are the names given to each of the aromatic packets of your morning must-haves. The most ingenious by far is the lethal combo called “Death By Coffee” as seen below being sniffed by my own ‘Queen of the Bean’ coffee Contessa.

So when that morning mocha madness hits you, remember, I’ve got your cure. You can find this java juggernaut of the Florida Keys at Mile Marker 14.9 on US-1 oceanside. I promise your nose will thank you!



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2 responses to “Baby’s “Death By Coffee”

  1. My husband’s favorite!! To help him through our cold northern winter far from Baby’s and KW, I had a few pounds of beans under the Christmas tree for him. I think he appreciated that gift as much or more than any other.

    • Thanks again, I look forward to your future comments and insights. WOW, a few pounds of beans for Christmas that awesome… I only got COAL! Not true, I’ve very blessed. I’ll be going back to Key West the week after the July 4th and plan on stopping by for my own cup of “Death By Coffee”, can’t wait! If you have FaceBook you can sign up for a daily dose of the Florida Keys automatically sent to you just by clicking on the “Like” button at:
      Mr. 365 Days

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