Key’s Smallest Picnic Park

IMG_9564Welcome to the Florida Key’s SMALLEST Picnic Park! (also known as Bob Eanes Memorial Park) 🙂

Pictured is approximately 1/2 of the entire park that might measure 60′ x 120′ on a good day. It consists of several closely grouped shaded picnic tables, one bench and this small sign. Wedge between busy US-1 to the west, a side street to the south (seen behind the park sign), to the east a business, and to the north where I’m standing for the picture is the parking lot of another business.

If you like being alone and to yourself then I’ve found your mecca! Bring a picnic basket full of sandwiches & potato chips with a cooler of sodas while you cozy up with a good book with no one else around. Oh yeah, bring your own garbage can… I don’t remember seeing one! 🙂 The park is FREE, beautiful scenery not included! 🙂

To find the Florida Key’s smallest picnic park go to Mile Marker 31.0 oceanside, it sits in front of the Big Pine Key Chamber Of Commerce Visitor Center parking lot.

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