Does Your Home Have A Castle Turret?

IMG_1576** Yes this is the 2nd blog today, it appears that yesterday’s blog didn’t post correctly so I’m Doubling Down! ** Enjoy 🙂

Fairytale or Reality? This Key West private home has intertwined both into one incredibly unique sight.

Straight out of a Hollywood movie from the Middle Ages comes this latest tale. Out of nowhere rounding a corner pops up this one-of-a-kind European castle tower known as a turret. Overlooking Cow Key this must be one incredible sight from standing atop.

You can find this Cinderella-like castle turret set off the road deep in a condo laden section of town. When arriving on the island of Key West via US-1 South, turn left on to South Roosevelt Blvd./A1A. The castle home sits only a half mile or so on the left side of the road across from Flagler Avenue. Turn into Coconut Mallory Resort & Marina and left onto Casa Roma Lane.


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5 responses to “Does Your Home Have A Castle Turret?

  1. Steve

    We are regular readers of your blog and happen to live in building next to tower featured in todays blog- Casa Roma Lane is name of the private drive that goes to tower and then turns into Coconut Mallory resort. The tower has a 2 story addition that was added some years ago and is a wonderful property.

    • Thanks Steve, It’s truely a great sight that turret. It’s awesome that you live right there too. I’ve changed the blog’s road name to match yours, guess I wrote it down wrong. Thanks so much for reading and sending your comment. Mr. 365 Days

  2. Sherry

    Did you ever feature the Tiki Bar behind the Coconut Mallory resort? The resort was used for the filming of the tv show Key West, and they made the bar out back to feature in the show. We stayed there once just so we could roam around the place and take pictures. Loved that show wish it had lasted longer.

    • No I have not, I did not know about that. Is there anything there that references the TV show… ie pictures on the wall, signed autographs or other items? Check out my blog from Feb. 3rd 2012 called ‘A Picture Perfect Postcard’ and see if you remember this bent tree being beside of the Tiki Bar you are talking about. Let me know. Thanks for your comment, I look forward to hearing back from you. Mr. 365 Days

  3. Gina Bailey

    I used to live (rent) in that tower and want to buy it now—–anyone know the owners and when it will be for sale?

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