Cement Key West / Jacksonville Mile Marker

IMG_1782It’s amazing after all these years of traveling up and down the Keys that it took one of our readers (Caitlyn) to point out something I’ve never seen!

Not knowing exactly what type of landmark we were looking for off we went to Key West in hot pursuit unknowingly passing it once again! We quickly turned around driving by a lot slower this time and looking a lot closer than before… OMG to our amazement there it is!

Now that we found it, here’s what it is: The small cement maker (1.5 feet wide x 2 feet tall) notes the distance in miles from that point on Big Pine Key to Key West (KW) 30 miles and Jacksonville (JAX) 492 miles.

You can find this hidden in plain site ‘KW / JAX’ cement mileage post at Mile Marker 31.0 oceanside in front of the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

PS – Thanks Caitlyn for the great tip!



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3 responses to “Cement Key West / Jacksonville Mile Marker

  1. Yes, but you should have added that this is the ONLY FEC Railway Key West Extension milepost marker still in its original location and that the state should put a protective barrier around this treasure to protect it for the future. Any questions, pls contact me.

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