That’s No BULL!

IMG_1571Where can you find the United States southernmost bull riding machine? Key West of course! It’s truly one of the last things I’d ever think of finding way down here!

I’ve seen many cowboys, cowgirls and city slickers alike try their hand at taming this headless mount. In all honesty, the operators seem to like having the female persuasion upon the rawhide teasing the crowd as he slowly turns the cowgirl doing her best Debra Winger ‘Urban Cowboy’ impression as the frenzy of males patrons cheer louder and louder. The bull operator on the other hand are MUCH TOUGHER on the males not wanting any of them to beat the big bad bull on its home turf!

Though I’ve never ridden this one and don’t plan to, I’ve ridden one in the past while wearing shorts. Here’s a bit of advice, wear long pants, it literally tied the hairs on the inside of my legs in knots having to cut them off. Ouch! 😦 I cut the hairs off… NOT my legs! 🙂

You can find the United States southernmost bull riding machine inside of Cowboy Bill’s Honky Tonk Saloon at 610 1/2 on the World-Famous Duval Street. Yes, 610 1/2 street address, and that’s NO BULL!

IMG_1491     IMG_1572

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