Largest Fishing Float Bobber In The Florida Keys

IMG_1799Out with the old and in with the new. The Florida Keys is ALWAYS in a constant state of flux whether it be a change in landmarks, buildings, attractions, or businesses. Here we see one of coolest icons to hit the Keys, a 16′ tall poll with a classic red & white fishing float bobber on top. Since I took this photo, the Fishing Charter business has also departed but the all important bobber remains!

I’ve included an even older photo I took years ago of the previous eye-sore… sorry, oddity I called the ‘Mint Chocolate Chip Building’ for obvious reasons. Once you get there, look also at the parking space cement bumper in front of the building that reads “Just Kids Parking”! :-)

You can find one of the Keys coolest oddities at Mile Marker 104.9 bayside exactly across the street from Key Largo Elementary School. Enjoy, it’s an eye catcher for sure!

IMG_1801     4565146521_38bbbb5d36_b 4565772018_fea2636564_b

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