The Company Johnson & Johnson: Statue Of A Man Taking A Break

Where in the world can you find a bronze statue of a man taking a break while smoking a cigarette? Key West of course… I love this wacky place! 🙂 That’s truly amazing on it’s own, who it’s made by might be just as amazing!

We’ve all heard of the company Johnson & Johnson, here’s what we would’ve never known about the artist without the modern-day internet. His name is J. Seward Johnson Jr. (born 1930) an American artist and grandson of Robert Wood Johnson (founder of the mega conglomerate Johnson & Johnson). He is best known for his life-size bronze statues, which actually are castings of living people of all ages depicting them engaged in day-to-day activities. Thank you Al Gore “Inventor of the Internet” … ok, so he said and got ripped for! 🙂

You can find this bronze tribute to “Break Time” at the front entrance to the elegant Casa Marina Resort at the corner of Reynolds Street & Seminole Avenue sitting right on the beach here in Key West… the capital of taking a break! 🙂

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