Key West’s Drunken Parrot

Have you ever seen a drunken parrot? This wino with wings can be seen holding a glass of bubbly while lounging back on some bark. Small this is not, without whipping out a measuring tape I’d say it’s easily in the four to five foot range from the top of his hat to extended toes. It’s truly an unusual amazing sight not to be missed while in the area.

You can find the floundering fowl on a tree branch oceanside at Louie’s Backyard patio lounge enjoying his favorite adult beverage as he always does… awe, what a life. I wonder how I could apply for that job? I wouldn’t need any training! 🙂

Key West’s Drunken Parrot along with Key West’s BEST Corner Table can be found at Louie’s Backyard located at the corner of Seminole Avenue & Alberta Avenue.


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2 responses to “Key West’s Drunken Parrot

  1. Ha! I didn’t see this on my recent trip, wish I would have!

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