WWII German U-Boat Sunk Off Key West

Blog Revisited – On April 8th, 2012 I posted this blog, last night on TV I saw a program on the History Channel called ‘Deep Sea Detectives’ about this very submarine. Here it is again.

Off of Key West lays the amazing wreck of the WWII German submarine U-2513. This Type-21 ‘Master of Disaster’ was then the most technologically advanced submarine in the world. It was too-little too-late for Germany arriving only months before the end of the war. Despite being the pride of the German Navy and its supreme Naval commander Admiral Karl Doenitz (seen below), it now resides at the bottom of the ocean in 235 feet of water.

You must be qualified in decompression techniques in order to dive this wreck. Something is terribly wrong about this wreck! Why does this German Nazi submarine have several U.S. made parts and signs printed in English? TRUE!

First its history: The WWII German Type-21U-2513, a 1621-ton submarine, was built in 1944 in Hamburg, Germany. Surrendered in May 1945, she was allocated to the United States as a spoil of war winding up in Key West in October 1946.

Answer: Now a U.S. possession, she was fit with several U.S. parts and English signs and then thoroughly tested and disected in every way. An ‘A’-List of dignitaries visited their prize including the Navy top brass and our Commander In Chief. Here she was employed as a high-speed target for anti-submarine forces and used to evaluate the underwater performance of advanced submarines. Once her German batteries had expired, she was taken out to sea and sunk in October 1951 in tests of the weapon ‘Alfa’ anti-submarine rocket.

Seen below is President Harry S. Truman (white cap) leaving USS U-2513 after visiting the former German submarine on December 5th 1947, at what is believed to be the Key West Naval Station.


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