Reef Relief… Is This Artwork?

IMG_1754Reef Relief! When first seeing this I said to myself “Wow, not many people are going to associate the term Reef Relief with artwork”. Relief (dictionary): A form of artwork giving the appearance of depth against a background?

You have to look real close in order to see that there’s about one dozen stainless steel pieces of oceanic artwork against a coral backdrop representing a reef. The shark atop the rock above the blue letters is the most visible stainless steel creation in the featured photo. I’ve included a sample photo below of the type of artwork interwoven throughout the coral corner plot. It’s actually very neat just really hard to see even when walking by on foot.

When arriving home I went on-line to do some research and lo and behold this is actually a business! Reef Relief is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improving and protecting our coral reef ecosystem. Now how’s that for useful information from the internet. Thank you Al Gore! 🙂

You can find this artwork that’s really a business near the corner of Greene Street & Elizabeth Street in the US’s southernmost city of Key West. While there, check out the quaint uniquely shaped antique ‘Antique Shop’ across the street!


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