The Naming Of Mallory Square

Almost every tourist when coming to Key West ends up visiting Mallory Square at least once. Their reasons may vary from watching a sunset from Key West’s #1 most popular location, seeing street performers displaying their talents during dusk or just visiting the many shops that populate its square. No matter the choice most end up here and yet 99% of them have no clue who Mallory was or why it’s called Mallory Square. Here’s your answer!

His name was Stephen Russell Mallory (1812-1873). His home stood near this site from 1839-1895 when it became U.S. Navy property. He was a U.S. Senator from Florida from 1851-1861 and chairman of the Naval Affairs Committee in 1853. As Secretary of the Navy for the Confederate State Cabinet (1861-1865) he pioneered the use of submarines and ironclad warships in naval warfare. A son Stephen R. Mallory Jr. grew up in and later owned the house. He too represented Florida in the U.S. Senate (1897-1908).

There, now you can boast about knowing the naming of Mallory Square. You can find this historic marker for the Mallory Homesite just 50′ from its namesake Mallory Square here in Key West. Just look for an Egyptian granite obelisk within feet of it located in the middle of a median dividing the intersection of three roads.

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