8630560678_6ce7b0dd0a_bYou’ve all heard the phrase “Truth Is Better Than Fiction”, oh so true. These guys are making it way too easy for me, I couldn’t have come up with anything as good as this! And with that said, I bring you the Big Ass Fan Company!

Yes, that’s the company’s real name, I looked it up on-line, the Big Ass Fan Company’s logo can be found on the thermostat’s bottom right corner shown below. Pictures don’t due this fan justice, you’ve got to see it for yourself. Though it was impossible to measure from the ground, I’d guess being 30′ up in the ceiling that it would be something close to 14′ wide give-or-take 2 feet. Either way, it’s one “Big Ass Fan”! 🙂

You can find this eye-popping ceiling-hogging ‘Big Ass Fan’ at Mile Marker 61.0 oceanside inside the mega resort known as Hawks Cay. Stroll right on through the lobby looking inside the poolside restaurant to your left.


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