1st Army X-Ray EVER Taken Was Here!

Then called Rontgen Ray, the United States Army’s first use of post combat X-Ray was taken at this historic site in Key West. Here’s how and why: On this site the Catholic Convent of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary was located. In April of 1898 it was graciously offered and converted to a 400 bed United States Army Hospital for the treatment of soldiers & sailors ill from dangerous tropical diseases contracted & wounds received in battle during Cuba’s War of Independence.

Despite the danger to themselves from contracting these deadly diseases, the sisters of the convent and volunteer Army nurses cared for the ailing servicemen. It’s here that the X-Ray was first used to avoid the painful, dangerous and sometimes fatal practice of probing wounds with steel instruments virtually blind to locate bullets & shrapnel.

You can find this HISTORIC Red Cross Sign near the parking lot at the St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church located at the corner of Truman Avenue & Windsor Lane. While there, check out these formerly blogged sites within 2-minutes walking distance on the same grounds:  Stations Of The Cross Mosaics, Monument To The Unborn, & Nun Tree Monument.

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