7-Mile Bridge’s Camp Island

Look close at the photo I took from a moving car and you’ll see something that I’ve always said I wanted to do and have yet to fulfill. You’re on US-1’s 7-Mile Bridge at Mile Marker 41.0 as you look to the Atlantic Ocean and see an isolated island with party-goers, tents & camp fires that’s only accessible by a 1-mile boat ride from the bridge’s southernmost point.

Welcome to 7-Mile Bridge’s Camp Island, a castaways getaway back to basics no frills haven for the ‘I need to get away from the rat race or I’ll explode’ person in you. I’ve included a close-up showing a boat, tent to the right of the boat in the bushes and a blue tarp used for shelter from the Keys hot sun. This is not a park but an island that thrill seekers & hermits alike have chosen as a ‘Stay at your own risk’ refuge away from todays cell phone towers & laptop hotspots.

If you’re looking for a night away from your standard hotel stay then come to the 7-Mile Bridge’s Camp Island escaping reality for a day… or two!

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