Forgotten ‘Indian Key Massacre’

6787191444_7fbf07860b_bWow, what a terrible little known historical fact on even a smaller sign. On this tiny one foot of stainless steel is all that remains of a tragic part of Florida Keys history.

Here’s a short capsulized version of what happened that fateful night. On August 7, 1840 in the still of the night about 130 Indians came ashore to Indian Key killing at least six people and stealing over 28 dugout canoes worth of store goods and four slaves. The story was printed in nearly every United States newspaper inflaming negative feelings toward Native Americans even more.

You can find a tour boat company to take you to Indian Key State Park for $20-$30 a person at Robbie’s Marina Mile Marker 77.5 on US-1 bayside. The sign itself is located within the docks covered waiting area as you arrive at Indian Key. I again want to thank my friend Scott (ex-Indian Key tour guide) for an awesome one-on-one tour of the island.


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