Freedom Is Not Free!

IMG_1629“Freedom Is Not Free!” Oh how true that statement is! Countless men and women have fought for our country, many giving their very lives to secure the life we’re so privileged to have here in the United States of America.

What a great unexpected find this double duo was. I was drawn in by the painted eagle upon the building’s exterior and would’ve never seen the round memorial medallions honoring the veterans of foreign conflicts if not for the eagle. The medallions are mounted on the outer portion of a brick flower box just below the eagle. The conflicts represented are: World War I (listed as World War), World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf & Iraq along with one for each branch of the service.

You can find the ‘Freedom Is Not Free’ painted eagle and the bonus memorial war medallions at the American Legion building at Mile Marker 49.4 oceanside on Hwy. US-1 in Marathon.

IMG_1636     IMG_1630     IMG_1631

IMG_1632     IMG_1633     IMG_1634


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