Live Eel Express

Wow was this cool, I’d never seen live eels before! Awesome!!!

Holland Seafood Transporters of Arapahoe, NC. operates a regular route to the Florida Keys supplying them with a delicacy common in the far east known as ‘Live Eels’. I’ve never tried them and won’t so don’t ask me how they taste! 🙂 I’ll leave that for those who also like octopus.

Three things to take note (all seen below), first notice the type of transportation tanks used for these eels are like covered aquarium tanks with viewable port holes. Look at the mud flaps on the trailer that read “Live Eel Mobile”. Too neat! For an added bonus, look real close above the cab of the tractor and you’ll see several what appears to be the ‘Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’ from the movie ‘Ghostbusters’. In actuality, it’s the Michelin Man tire mascot along with several of his cousins. Again, too neat and different.

So the next time you’re in the Keys look for this unique tractor-trailer rolling down the road on its regular run supplying hungry vacationers with eel soup, eel kabob, baked eel, broiled eel, smoked eel, seared eel, blackened eel, eel sandwich, eel BBQ, eel pasta and so on! 🙂 Enjoy it, because I wouldn’t dare!



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