Street Corner Octopus

OK, it’s time to get back to a semi-silly blog… believe me, I’ve written about much sillier things! 🙂 This to me is most ingenious.

Here’s a street corner octopus that I’ve passed dozens of times without ever seeing it once before my aunt pointed it out to me. It’s very neat how someone has painted a cut down tree trunk’s roots to appear as an octopus with eyes! Don’t simply drive by, to appreciate it fully you must park your car or get off your bike as it appears differently from multiple angles.

You can find this Street Corner Octopus at the corner of Catherine Street & Watson Street in the tourists #1 Florida Keys destination of Key West.


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2 responses to “Street Corner Octopus

  1. Len Bloom

    Is this a recent photo? I remember a painted stump in that area from years ago but it had faded over time. Perhaps the original artist repainted it since it looks very nice in this photo.

    • Hey Len, Yes it’s very recent, taken only 3 weeks ago on July 16th 2011. Maybe in the past when it was faded is part of the reason I had over looked it for so many times over the years. Mr. 365 Days

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