I Dig These Chicks!

6748794269_b07d0d93e1_bOh yes, I dig these chicks! Guys… oh guys… look at the chick in her hand thank you! 🙂

Chicks are nothing less than a Key West tradition! For those of you that don’t know, chickens run free in Key West without being penned up or required to be on their owner’s leash! 🙂 OK, they’re all over the entire island, and I mean everywhere, being most prominent in the section called ‘Old Town’ and Duval Street.

Here at this facility they take-in and care for abandoned orphans chicks as seen below. Called Key West Gypsy Chickens, they live their lives roaming the highways and byways of Key West… OK, streets, alleys & paths… there are no highways & byways. 🙂

You can find this ‘Chick Experience’ at 1801 White Street within the confines of the Key West Wildlife Center. Admission is 100% FREE, even though donation boxes are posted throughout just in case you’d like to give up some hard-earned cash for a good-looking CHICK! 🙂


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