Key’s Most Beautiful Dead-Ends!

IMG_1652OH MY GOSH! Who would ever think that such incredibly beautiful sights could be found at residential neighborhood dead-end roads. Just the name dead-end conjures up unpleasant thoughts in most people’s minds… but not here!

Just take a look at these two side-by-side dead-end roads I found. Astounding views and breathtaking sights await you at these two-of-a-kind match made in Heaven dead-end roads. I could break out a beach chair and brewski and look at this for hours… but wait, there’s two streets right next to each other a block a part. Wow, the featured photo almost takes your breath away! I love it, this is why I drive down EVERY single dead-end road in hopes of finding sights like this for you! Your welcome. 🙂

Come see two of the Florida Key’s most beautiful side-by-side dead-end roads at Mile Marker 52.7 oceanside by turning onto both 109th Street & 110th Street in Marathon. Enjoy the views!


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