Prehistoric Blowfish

IMG_1522Ugly but AWESOME! This prehistoric blow fish thing is suspended by heavy-duty chain from the roof of this newly found equally AWESOME bar & grill.

Without exaggerating, it’s approximately 6 feet long by 5 feet tall… it’s humongous, I can only imagine how much it weighs! Look close and you’ll see that its bottom jaw teeth (ok, fangs) 🙂 are each about 2 feet in length. If this were real I’d NEVER EVER go in the water again… it’s so big and nasty looking that Jaws himself would shy away from this bad boy! 🙂

You can see this great new find at Mile Marker 53.8 oceanside behind the Holiday Inn on US-1. Turn onto Coral Lane only going about 100′ then left into the side parking lot of the Tarpon Creek Bar & Grill. Add this to your list of places to visit and things to see, you’ll thank me!

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