Key West’s Clock Tower

Here’s our proud American flag blowing briskly in the wind over the Key West clock tower. Though not as famous as London’s ‘Big Ben’ or the one portrayed in the movie ‘Back To The Future’ with Micheal J. Fox, it’s by far the MOST FAMOUS & TALLEST clock tower in Key West! OK, it’s the only clock tower in Key West… SO WHAT! 🙂

PHOTO Class #101: 🙂 In trying to take uniquely positioned photos I chose this angle to include a branch giving it depth. I’ve never claimed to be a professional photographer but have learned in my 10,000 photos of FLORIDA KEYS to be more aware of my position & angle. In todays digital world I encourage you to try different shots of the same subject keeping only the ones you like. Perfect example, notice the photo below of the same clock tower but of the flag alone. It’s all about the angle, I walked for blocks till positioning myself to capture the moon & flag in the same frame. I snapped no less than 10 pics choosing this one with the flag completely unfurled. It turned out to be one of my all-time favorites! Myth Buster: Despite popular belief, every photo doesn’t have to be perfectly centered, include the entire structure or have a person in it!

You can find the tallest clock tower in Key West sitting at the corner of Greene Street & Ann Street… or better yet and easier to find, it’s the building behind the World Famous “Sloppy Joe’s Bar” on Duval Street.

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