3 Academy Awards: The Rose Tattoo

Do you live in a house where a Hollywood Movie was filmed… I’m sorry, where an Academy Award Winning Hollywood Movie was filmed? Well, this current resident does! In 1955 “The Rose Tattoo” was the winner of 3 Academy Awards including best actress Anna Magnani. Her other cast members Burt Lancaster and Jo Van Fleet also won Academy Awards in their lifetime.

Here’s the story line: An Italian neighborhood in Louisiana is disturbed when truck driver Rosario Delle Rose is killed by police while smuggling… WAIT A MINUTE, did I say an Italian neighborhood in Louisiana? OK stop there, this was filmed in Key West and back then there was no Italian neighborhood and this sure isn’t Louisiana either! Wow that’s impressive, the set directors some how pulled this off good enough to take one of their 3 Academy Awards for set direction. But still begs to explain “Why was this filmed in Key West?”. Well Mr. & Mrs. blog readers here’s your answer. In those days Key West had more than one famous writer living in town besides Ernest Hemingway. The script for “The Rose Tattoo” was written by the other famous Key West resident author and playwright named Tennessee Williams.

I guess Tennessee wasn’t much on driving to the shoot location everyday so he chose the home right next to where he lived. That’s right, Tennessee Williams lived in the home to the right where this famous Academy Award Winning film was shot. My mother has told me many stories of this filming since she literally lived right across the street and watched its filming on a daily basis.

In order to see the actual placard shown in the top photo you must look behind the red fence pictured below to capture your souvenir photo as I did. You can find this home still boasting its heritage above the door “The Rose Tattoo” at 1421 Duncan Street here in sunny Key West.

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